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Designed specifically for the mining industry to minimise service time of bottleneck machinery on site and optimise operational efficiencies, these SUPA LUBA fuel & lube mining service truck bodies deliver high flow rates of multi-products, including high volume grease transfer, directly to your essential production equipment.





Cobra manufactures truck-mounted water bowsers/ tankers, designed by Kador Engineering specifically for the mining industry, that are adaptable to fit a range of off-road articulated and rigid frame OEM truck models ranging in size from 18KL up to a remarkable 110KL SUPA TANKA. The dynamic stability of Cobra’s water tanks has been verified through independent analysis and modelling.

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Cobra's truck-mounted diesel bowsers, specifically designed for the mining industry, offer both high and low volume dual-flow dispensing from the same pump and filter arrangements, to rapidly replenish the daily diesel consumed. The smaller units come at a lower capital cost, are ideal for smaller operations, and are easily and quickly installed. 



The Wiesel is a water and diesel combo with the respective tanks baffled into multiple compartments for unit stability. Tank capacities are totally dependent on chassis make and model. The steel water tank is equipped with a high volume, hydraulically-driven, direct coupled water pump, and the diesel tank is fitted with pressureless auto shut-off. 




Cobra has designed dedicated wash units suitable for mounting on both off-highway articulated and rigid frame chassis cabs, to rapidly and effectively prepare large machines for maintenance.  These trucks have the ability to simultaneously clean booms, tracks, platforms and specific work areas, by using multiple high-pressure and high-volume washing outlets.




These stemming trucks are manufactured under licence in South Africa and have the ability to complete a bench of 200-300 holes in one shift, with a single operator, and a pre-set amount of stemming aggregate in each hole. A slew conveyor for stemming holes close to the edge of the bench is optional.  The entire process is fully controlled from the driver’s seat via an intuitive operator interface.

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To improve their OEE availability scores, Cobra designs a wide range of multi-purpose support trucks to customer specification including dedicated welding trucks, GET support vehicles, drill rod and  and rod handling support trucks, mobile workshops, and service units with crane.





   This particular off-road bush firefighting truck was designed specifically for use in the agricultural industry. It is ideal for the purpose of rapid deployment into previously inaccessible, remote locations.

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Cobra's custom-designed underground water and service modules are suitable for mounting on both the Caterpillar AD30 and AD45 chassis. The range extends to service and water modules and includes autonomous options. Underground protective structures also form part of our underground offering with employee safety top of mind.






Manufactured under licence, Cobra provides an extensive range of configurations of stable, robust, and safe QMW Work Platforms for underground applications, in compliance with AS1418.10 standards.  Custom developments are available on request and are designed to meet the applicable standards for their respective applications.



To protect drivers and passengers, Cobra manufactures, under license, the QMW range of ROPS and FOPS for HDV equipment, and tracked and trackless vehicles extending to dozers, dump trucks, front-end loaders, fork-lifts, back tractors, tow/service trucks, bobcats, and excavators. The range has structural optimisation through the use of finite element analysis (FEA) and certified destructive testing. Cobra also offers repairs & recertification of OEM ROPS/ FOPS structures and full refurbishment of ROPS/FOPS cabins to ISO 3471: 2008 ROPS and ISO3449:2005 FOPS standards respectively.

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Certified to ISO 3449 Level II, our FCC19 FOPS cabins, trailers, skids, these truck mounted command centres can be fitted with Sandvik AutoMine Epiroc BenchREMOTE, or IMT remote control operating systems. These units are capable of controlling multiple surface drills simultaneously. Our FCC20 remote control cabin, also certified to ISO 3449 Level II standards, was released in the latter part of 2020.



Built under licence and launched in the latter half of 2018, our off-road lowbed trailers are rear-loading heavy equipment loaders, designed specifically to facilitate short distance repositioning of tracked equipment in a mining environment. 

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Manufactured under licence by Cobra Projects, we offer a range of Recovery Tow Links which are used for towing disabled rigid load and haul dump trucks behind a similar truck of sufficient size, in a safe manner, and include several variations including Recovery Tow Link Trailers, and Recovery Tow Link Trailers with Auxiliary Power Units. 

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Elkhart Brass is the industry's most experienced manufacturer of rugged and innovative water flow equipment.  A global leader, Elkhart Brass is included under the Safe Fleet umbrella, operating at its original site in Elkhart, Indiana, and manufacturing a range of more than 2,000 products. Cobra is the sole distributor of Elkhart Brass products in South Africa.